My Services

Brand Partnerships

✹ Collaborate with brand partners

✹ Branded Illustration

✹ Video Content Partnership

✹ Showcase on social media

✹ Participate in brand events

✹ Promote brand values through art

✹Co-create art with brand

Community & Leadership

✹ Community Outreach

✹ Lead community art projects

✹ Address social justice issues using art

✹ Teach accessible and inclusive art workshops

✹ Provide social and emotional art healing sessions

✹ Showcase at community events


✹ Editorial Illustration

✹ Branded Illustration

✹ Commercial Illustration

✹ Textile and Surface Illustration

✹ Animated GIFs

Painting & Public Art

✹ Mural public painting

✹ Create and sell original artwork

✹ Offer commissioned pieces

✹ Public art Installation

Speaking & Workshops

✹ Speaking Opportunities

✹ Participate in panel discussions

✹ Deliver artist talks and lectures

✹ Develop and facilitate art workshops

✹ In-person and online workshops

✹ Participate in juried art shows

Live Events

✹ Live painting and drawing events

✹ Art exhibitions or shows

✹ Art fairs or festivals

✹ Art installations or pop-up galleries

✹ Live art demonstrations or workshops

✹ Collaborative art projects or murals

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