Starbucks Tumblers

As an artist deeply rooted in the values of inclusivity and celebration of cultural diversity, I am proud to showcase a special collection crafted for Hispanic Heritage Month. With Starbucks as my canvas, I have meticulously designed a series of cups that do more than hold coffee—they hold stories, traditions, and the vibrant spirit of the Hispanic community.

Each cup is an ode to heritage, a painted poem that honors the rich, diverse tapestry of Latin American history and culture. I have employed my art as a powerful form of representation, aiming to resonate with individuals’ sense of identity and belonging. This work is not simply about aesthetics; it is about igniting conversations, evoking pride, and embracing the multifaceted beauty of Hispanic heritage.

Through these designs, I strive to create a connection, a moment of recognition for every individual who holds one of these cups. It’s my tribute to the generations of Hispanic individuals who enrich our society, bringing forth a piece of art that not only serves a function but also celebrates the enduring legacy and influence of our diverse community.

Designer & Content Creator

Project Duration:
6 Month