The #SisterlyLove Project Street


For Women’s History Month, I partnered with Visit Philly and Live Nation to pay homage to the incredible women who have made Philly the amazing city it is today. And I did it with a little thing called print design.

That’s right, I whipped up some seriously stunning prints that celebrated the legacies of two of Philly’s most trailblazing women: Dr. Anani Gopal Josh and Nijmie Dzurike. And then I took those prints and wheat-pasted them all over the city, spreading their stories far and wide.

With bold graphics and eye-catching colors, my prints caught the attention of anyone who passed by. And with each new admirer, the legacies of these amazing women grew stronger.

So here’s to the power of print, and to the power of Philly’s women! May their stories continue to inspire and uplift us all.

Artist & Print Designer

Project Duration:
1 Month

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