Value and Support Health Care Workers

As an artist and teacher, I am passionate about using art to create meaningful connections and make a positive impact in the community. My recent collaboration with Penn Medicine allowed me to do just that. Through my art illustration featured on a billboard, I aimed to convey the public’s deep appreciation and support for healthcare workers, who have been tirelessly serving on the front lines of the pandemic. The artwork features a powerful image of the public symbolically pouring flowers to healthcare workers, representing the outpouring of compassion and gratitude. In addition, I had the privilege of working with students to create personalized cards for healthcare workers, reminding them that their selfless work does not go unnoticed. This project was a true labor of love, and I hope that it brings a sense of joy and appreciation to all who view it. #phillyheARTsyou.

Artist & Print Designer

Project Duration:
1 Month

Clients & Sponsors: